A threatened world heritage

Climate change has brought us more frequent and severe catastrophes. In Germany alone people experienced two 100-year floods in 11 years, the recent one last May.

One of the flood’s victims is the world’s famous garden realm in Wörlitz, Saxony-Anhalt. Established in the 1770s the realm is not only of cultural and historical importance, but as a part of the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve also the habitat of plants and animals. Since 2000 the Wörlitz Garden Realm is listed as an UNESCO world heritage.

The flood in May damaged historical houses and habitats of animals and plants. Situated close to big rivers like Elbe and Mulde the garden area is always threatened to be damaged by coming floods again. Jan Hofmann, secretary of the ministry Saxony-Anhalt, said last week that the damage and the costs for future prevention is accounted for 17 million Euros.

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