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A zoo’s recipe for success

Zoos often have to face harsh critique: Animals belong to the wilderness, not in cages. Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney Australia shows even sceptics the positive sides.

Established on 7 acres of land and 40km away from Sydney’s hectic, noisy inner city, Featherdale provides a realm for many endangered species. It is a retirement home for many old or injured animals, that are uninteresting for other zoos, like their pelicans or their Tasmanian Devil.

The wildlife park provides access for universities and research institutes to study Australia’s fauna. Also young explorers can discover interesting things about nature and wildlife, as Featherdale works closely together with schools.

Not least, the wildlife park is acknowledged for its partnerships with wildlife conservation groups. It is the only park in Australia’s state New South Wales that is part of the Australian Koala Foundation.

The mix of education, conservation and research as well as natural and spacious animal habitats is Featherdale’s recipe for success. But have a look at its residents yourself in our photo gallery.


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