Computer technology goes green

Looking at technology I often realise how much waste we produce. Not only our industries or societies, but also we ourselves in our households. Since everybody wants to own the latest technologies (and often has to e.g. for their jobs) the previous gadget soon becomes dispensable.

Hard drive

No need to throw away: old internal hard drives can be modified to external ones in an environmentally friendly way now – with brand-new eco cases.  Photo: Julia Thiemann

Personally, I have quite a few external hard drives, and, I am not very proud of it. As technology advanced and data volume increased my old hard drives just got to small. On the other hand I have some internal hard drives left, faultless relics of my previous computers that I saved in case I need them later.

For a moment I thought of buying a case for my old internal hard drives, but it didn’t solve the problem that I wanted to reduce materials that were not produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Then I came across a new fabulous idea: the Bytepac. This is a hard drive case that is made of renewable and recyclable materials. You can use with most kinds of 3,5” and 2,5” hard drives, like SATA and IDE since it comes with adapters. Bytepac is also energy-efficient and doesn’t need any shipping packaging. And the eco design looks so trendy.

It is awesome to see IT technology becoming greener. Have you heard of any other green tech innovations?


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